Coronavirus COVID-19 – We often hear the statement that “Wanderlust is a strong desire or urge to travel and explore the unexplored world”, but this doesn’t mean that wanderers don’t fear while travelling. Yes, they do and you read it right.

What is a Coronavirus COVID-19 you must Know everything
What is a Coronavirus COVID-19 you must Know everything

Travelling can be fun and daunting at the same time as it simply means stepping out of your comfort zone into the unknown and it becomes even more challenging in the times like today, when there’s an active outbreak of a novel Coronavirus.

Coronavirus is a respiratory virus, originating from the Wuhan City in Hubei Province in China and many cases of individuals being infected were recently reported in 25 other countries including Canada and India.

The World Health Organization also issued advisory on novel Coronavirus. Nevertheless nothing can put a stop to a traveler’s desire to walk around world and discover the hidden treasures the world has to offer. So, if you have the courage to win over your fear then we are here to help you with ways to prevent the illness.

Make safe travel plans. Avoid places with reported cases

Precautions you must take before you travel:

Visit and consult your doctor a month before travelling, specially, if you have a medical history or a weak immune system and get vaccinated properly

Doctors Advice For Coronavirus
  • Take antimalarial medicines
  • Eat and drink clean
  •  Ask for a dermatologists assistance to prevent bug bites
  •  Stay away from animals to reduce exposure to germs
  •   Avoid sharing body fluids and physical contact including shaking hands or face to face contact.
  •  Keep away from infected/ sick people
  •  Avoid non-sterile medical or cosmetic equipment
  • Ask your travel agent/ accommodation provider and travel insurance provider about the special health care measures provided during the trip. They might come handy in the time of need.

Precautions you must take while you’re traveling:

Coronavirus COVID-19 – Precautions while you’re traveling

Minimize your risk of exposure to harmful viruses by avoiding-

  • Infectious areas high at risks such as animal farms, crowded markets, or fish and chicken market etc. i.e., areas surrounded by animals that might be infected by the virus.
  • Coming into contact with animal products.
  • Coming in contact with sick or infectious people. Even if you are taking care of one, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth immediately.


  • Clean/ wash your hands with soap and water, or alcohol based sanitizers to get rid of harmful germs from your hands immediately.
  • People suffering from fever, cough, or facing difficulty in breathing might be infected with Coronavirus. Get them immediate assistance from the healthcare professionals and maintain distance to avoid getting infected.
  • It is advised to visit a local health care professional immediately if you notice any changes in your health.
  • Research all about the place you are visiting to know about the current situation there.
  • Coughing etiquettes help a lot in preventing the spreading of Coronavirus infection. Make sure you are not surrounded by people with infection.


In the aforementioned article, we have given you all the possible measures to fight with Coronavirus. Make sure you follow each and every guideline given above to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Wherever you go, go with all of your heart and let nothing stop you from exploring the beauty and bliss of nature.

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